Conservation Plan


Project Update

Several public outreach events were held over the spring and summer 2022 to receive input into the plan: a virtual summit, four focus group meetings, and an online survey.

With the Existing Conditions Analysis and the Outreach and Engagement completed, Resilience Planning and Design have moved into drafting the Conservation Plan! We are on schedule for completing the plan by March 2023.

Many thanks to those who participated in the public outreach. Your contributions are greatly appreciated!

About the Conservation Plan

The first Conservation Plan for the Kittatinny Ridge Conservation Landscape (KRCL) is underway! With partnerships, research, public outreach, and protection efforts fortified by the Kittatinny Coalition since the late ’90s, the Kittatinny Ridge was designated a Conservation Landscape by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) in 2018. The Conservation Plan will frame a Ridge-wide strategy and action plan for protecting this critical Pennsylvania landscape over the next five years.

Resilience Planning & Design (RPD) is drafting the plan. RPD has the expertise the Coalition was seeking with unique experience of working at a landscape scale on multiple stakeholder natural resource planning initiatives and site scale implementation efforts, such as the Integrated Land Management Plan for the Susquehanna Riverlands Conservation Landscape; the Strategic Conservation Plan for Moose Mountains Regional Greenways; providing Watershed Planning Assistance for the Newfound Lake Watershed in New Hampshire; and Facilitation, Planning, and Design Services for the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests.

Process and Timeline

The KRCL Conservation Plan will be completed by March 2023. RPD staff facilitated a process in 2022 that included public outreach across the Kittatinny Ridge, a comprehensive survey, document review, GIS analysis and mapping. The final plan will be engaging and easy to navigate with photos, infographics, and maps. The 2020 Kittatinny Coalition Strategic Plan will be incorporated into the Conservation Plan, including the delineation of sub-landscapes.






For more information, please contact:

Kristen Hand
Geoscientist Supervisor
Pennsylvania Geological Survey
Kittatinny Ridge Conservation Landscape, DCNR Internal Lead
Phone:  717-702-2046
Mobile:  717-599-9053

Jeanne Ortiz
Senior Program Manager Landscape Conservation
Audubon Mid-Atlantic
3401 Reservoir Drive
Philadelphia, PA 19121

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