Lehigh Gap Nature Center Celebrates 20 Years

Photo courtesy of LGNC

In May of 2003, LGNC opened its 756-acre wildlife refuge to the public, establishing a community resource that is now visited by thousands annually. At that time, much of the landscape in the Lehigh Gap area – including several hundred acres within the refuge itself – were barren and lifeless following decades of industrial pollution. This toxic ‘moonscape,’ which was declared a Superfund cleanup site by the Environmental Protection Agency in 1983, has been undergoing ecological restoration since the 1990s.

LGNC has played a leading role in the revegetation of the Lehigh Gap since our refuge opened in 2003. Now two decades in, the once-barren mountainside within the refuge is home to a thriving ecosystem, a 13-mile trail system, and a community education center. LGNC remains the first and only nature center in the U.S. on a Superfund site.

None of this would have been possible without the dedication of countless partners, volunteers, members, and donors. As a grassroots nonprofit organization, our unique story of hope is a testament to the hard work of many people who came together to make a difference.

On May 5, LGNC honored the contributions of over 100 volunteers, partners, and supporters who made LGNC’s first 20 years a success.

LGNC will continue to celebrate its 20th anniversary with other events for our members and the public throughout the year. For more information, visit www.lgnc.org.