Kittatinny A Top Ten Priority For A. T. Partnership

The Appalachian Trail Landscape Partnership selected the Kittatinny Ridge as one of the Ten Priority Focus Areas during the second Annual A.T. Landscape Conservation Initiative Conference last fall.  One of the most important challenges of the Partnership is prioritizing how and where to focus conservation efforts along the magnificent ridges and valleys that make up the A.T. experience that so many visitors and residents alike have come to know and cherish. The Ridge was selected because of the long history of land conservation collaboration through the driving force of the Kittatinny Coalition and numerous partners and their success stories.  The Partnership’s selection of the Ridge as a priority positions the Kittatinny for even greater conservation success and is an accomplishment for us all to celebrate.  Read more about the Appalachian Trail Landscape Partnership, 2016 Conference and landscape selection process and view the priority areas in The Appalachian Trail Journal, Winter 2017.