Monroe County ROE Study


The rich landscapes that define Monroe County—the forests of the Kittatinny Ridge and glaciated Pocono Plateau, the natural stream corridors etched through the uplands leading to the Delaware River, along with the unique habitats and clean water they provide—have been a major part of the region’s cultural legacy and heritage for many generations. These abundant and scenic natural resources, in conjunction with the County’s proximity to major metropolitan areas, create a thriving tourism and recreation economy. They are assets to residents, businesses, and visitors.

People live in and visit Monroe County for the quality of life that nature provides, including: scenic views, easy access to greenways and parks, hunting and fishing, bird watching, the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, Appalachian National Scenic Trail, Big Pocono State Park, and nature-based recreation activities including ski resorts, adventure parks, waterparks, golf courses, numerous cultural resources, and other outdoor recreation attractions. According to the Monroe County Economic Scorecard conducted in 2019, natural beauty is the most popular reason people choose to live in the County.

The value that natural resources provide has also been a primary focus for planning initiatives. Programs have highlighted the integral relationship of natural resources to the community and its economy, and policies have been adopted around the vision of maintaining a “sustainable economy” tied to natural resources. To date, wise planning initiatives have helped establish and support projects to conserve valuable resources.


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