Swatara Creek ROE Study


Known by locals as the “Swattie,” the Swatara Creek flows from the Kittatinny Ridge for 72 miles before joining the Susquehanna River and eventually emptying into the Chesapeake Bay. A designated Water Trail and popular recreation area for swimming, boating, and fishing, the Swatara Creek watershed drains from four counties and supports a number of vulnerable native plant and animal species, including the Great Egret, bald eagles, herons, freshwater mussels, eels, and beavers.

Protecting the Swatara Creek protects our future. Manada Conservancy is dedicated to protecting the natural resources of Dauphin County and the Swatara Creek to fulfill our vision of a community in which preserved land is abundant and conservation is widely practiced for the benefit of all.


Click the links below to see how Swatara Creek’s natural assets are essential to our everyday life:


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