Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Broad-winged Hawk Project: Rosalie Lands in Peru!

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary reports that Rosalie, the Kittatinny Ridge’s Broad-winged Hawk, made it to her winter home after traveling 5478 miles. Rosalie left fairly late, around the September 14th, and arrived in the deep forest of southern Peru on December 5th completing an 81-day journey. Rosalie has shown strong winter site fidelity over the three years that Hawk Mountain Sanctuary has tracked her as part of the Broad-winged Hawk Project.

The table below summarizes Rosalie’s flight data from 2016-2018.

In 2016, Rosalie’s journey lasted 153 days starting when she left Hawk Mountain on July 31st; however, she spent two weeks in southern Pennsylvania. Her flight may have been more like 138 days, arriving in Peru on January 2nd. Rosalie’s return flight in 2017 was the same distance. She left Peru on Feb 2nd and arrived April 25th.

In 2017, Rosalie left Hawk Mountain August 3rd. After a 102-day fall flight, she landed in her winter home in Peru. Rosalie began her return flight Feb 17th, arriving April 15th at Hawk Mountain.

Rosalie’s timing varied a lot. Weather and other factors may influence how long it takes for the birds to travel.

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary’s Broad-winged Hawk Project has been one of the most exciting projects for the Kittatinny Coalition to participate in. The Coalition has sponsored three broadwings over the last four years:  Kit, Ridgena, and Rosalie. We are no longer able to track Kit and Ridgena, although we know that Ridgena is alive. The transmitters may not have been charged, and they often have failed after two years. Hawk Mountain’s ability to get a third migration out of the transmitters is a huge accomplishment.

In 2018, as part of the continuing broadwing research, the Kittatinny Coalition sponsored transmitters for male Broad-winged Hawks, Brady and Broun, but the transmitters failed after two days.

Cross your fingers that Rosalie, and her transmitter, survive the winter so Hawk Mountain staff can record Rosalie’s return flight!



Year Fall
Days in
2016–17 July 31 or
August 15
138 Jan 2 Feb 2 April 25 8764 km or
5478 mi
2017–18 August 3 102 Nov 13 Feb 17 April 15
2018–19 Sept 15 81 Dec 5